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On a blue background with semi-transparent Nickelodeon logos, we see a box with a morphing Nickelodeon logos. The camera then enters the inside of the box. Then a green blob that looks like a mix of Klasky-Csupo's Splaat, the Stretch Films Laughing Mouth, and Slimer from Ghostbusters with a cartoony eye and a realistic eye and flesh-toned funnel-shaped ears emerges from the bottom. The face sees the viewer and it laughs in a weird way. The box suddenly closes and we zoom out.

FX/SFX: A mix of stop-motion & CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A drums theme, along with some weird giggling for the face.

Availability: Extinct. It can be found at the ViacomCBS Archives at One Astor Plaza in New York.

Editor's Note: None.

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------------------- {{Infobox website | name = SearchGoggloPlexia | logo = SearchGoggloPlexia Logo.gif | logo_size = | logo_alt = | logo_caption = | screenshot = Searchgoggloplexia screenshot sept2020.png | collapsible = | collapsetext = | background = gainsboro | screenshot_size = | screenshot_alt = | caption = | url = {{URL|searchgoggloplexia.neocities.org}} | commercial = No | type = [[Web search engine]] | registration = None | language = English | num_users = | content_license = | programming_language = HTML | owner = [[Jashonn Reese]] | author = [[Jashonn Reese]] | editor = [[Jashonn Reese]] | launch_date = {{start date and age|2019|09|04}} | revenue = | ip = | issn = | eissn = | oclc = | current_status = Online | footnotes = }} '''SearchGoggloPlexia''' is a search engine mainly focusing on sites that are "nostalgic". It is powered by Google Custom Search and offers much more services, such as FrearchGoggloPlexia, a shopping search, an image search, a news aggregator, and many more. It originally launched as Goioe, with no focus on nostalgia. It was later rebranded on June 27, 2020 as SearchGoggloPlexia. The home page recieved a major overhaul.